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May 11 2014


Think About Your Last Workout To Get Motivated For Your Next Workout

The research, from the University of New Hampshire, asked participants to recall a memory of themselves exercising. Some were asked to recall a good memory, while others were asked to recall a bad memory. What the researchers found was that participants who thought about a positive memory click were more Max Workouts video inclined to exercise again, but even the participants who thought about a negative memory were more inclined to exercise than the control group, who was given no instruction of recalling memories. It could be beneficial for you to simply recall your last workout, even if you hated it. It's about finding that motivation to get back out there and give it your best. Exercise is physical, but it's really about mind over matter.
More http://lifehacker.com/think-about-your-last-workout-to-get-motivated-for-your-1574223215

February 16 2014


A Good Fitness Tool Made Better

Flip-top, twist-off, and 7- and 10-ounce versions are available. The BPA-free co-polyester plastic is dishwasher safe (as long as you remove the silicone gaskets first). Dislikes: You must clean the gaskets occasionally to stop mold build-up; if you lose them, the bottle will leak. Price: $29.95 www.definebottle.com Adaptable Max Workouts pdf kettle bell system CrossBell: Two plastic water-filled kettle bells and a barbell that offer a range of workout options. Likes: Practical and effective. The plastic, hollow kettle bells, each fill with 10 pounds of water and won't scuff or dent your wood floors.
More http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-gear-feet-20140215,0,7621423.column

February 01 2014


Online Fitness Platform: Booya Fitness

The first part of the workout http://onlinenewschronicle111.blogspot.com/2013/10/max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth.html is a yoga flow and the second part consists of boxing intervals. I webblog would suggest this workout for a recovery day because it is only 32 minutes and because with yoga at the beginning, your body will feel warm and loose. I burned 250 calories but my muscles were sore the next day. Strength & Toning - Chaise Sculpt: Chaise Fitness is a popular fitness studio in Manhattan and now they are bringing their workout to anyone, anywhere! Chaise's workout is ballet/dance based and really focuses on strengthening and toning the entire body. The workout is tough and there is a lot of pulsing.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/review/online-fitness-platform-booya-fitness

January 24 2014


Edward Snowden: ?not All Spying Is Bad?

Snowden explained in the Q&A why he considers mass spying so harmful. Among other reasons, he said routine spying is turning from the traditions of liberty that America was founded on, and he said people should at least be able to debate that fundamental change. The former contractor also noted that theres evidence of abuse within these programs -- he noted that the NSAs own inspector general found at least 12 instances in which NSA employees abused surveillance programs , most often to spy on significant others. Snowdens Q&A came on the same day the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board called on the Obama administration to abandon the NSAs mass collection of phone metadata . The board said it could not find a single instance in which the program made a concrete difference in a counterterrorism investigation. Snowden said in response to the boards report, There is no simply justification for continuing an unconstitutional policy with a 0% success rate. On Friday, President Obama announced a series of reforms to U.S. surveillance programs , though he defended the value of the bulk metadata collection program. Mr.

January 16 2014


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